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      Anhui Tiankang medical Technology Co.,LTD.  Welcome!

      The state food and drug administration will use a registration certificate for medical devices such

      Date:2017-12-13Source:Days kang medical

      The state food and drug administration issued a notice on 29 December 2006 to resolve the delay in the approval of the reregistration of products such as a disposable infusion device.


      Notice, points out that in 2002, 2003, issued by the permitted to register and this notice has been submitted to the register of application has not been completed to the approval of disposable infusion sets, disposable blood transfusion apparatus, one-time use of intravenous infusion needle, disposable sterile syringes, disposable infusion sets, disposable sterile needle using burette type, disposable precision filter infusion sets, disposable avoid light infusion products, the medical device registration certificate to extend the valid until December 31, 2007.

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